Boston Children’s Museum Review


Courtesy of the Boston’s Children Museum Site

By Libby Vasquez

Looking back at our visit last year to Boston with our kids the highlight for them was hands down the Boston Children’s Museum. Boston is a great place to visit just before the winter hits and flights as well as the weather become unpredictable. If you have never been, it is a fun, bright great east coast spot to visit. The museum is a great place to create memories, spend a day and spark the imagination.

The Boston Children’s Museum has been around since 1913, the second oldest in fact in the U.S. It has 3 floors with dozens of exhibits that will cover children of all ages. I have never been to a museum with so many hands on activities as this one. It was almost impossible to get my children to move from one exhibit to the next. Even though they were awed by each and every single one. The price for any child over 12 month is $17, which is a bit pricey but well worth it if you get there early. If you will be there later there are discounted prices. If you live in the Boston area the membership for a family of four starts at $160, with perks like 10% discount on museum purchases and special invitations to their bi-annual member events. I wish we lived in Boston to take advantage of that.

My children loved the place so much that when we talk about visiting again they want this to be their first stop. The place had so many activities, was not packed and had places for parents to sit and relax while their kids engage in lots of fun. My son’s favorite part was the Arthur area. It had several replicas of scenes in the show and had one area with a green screen that you could put yourself in the theme song. To say we were hogging that area is an understatement. They even highlighted Buster’s postcards shows, Mr. Ratburn’s classroom and Arthur’s kitchen. My daughter on the other hand loved the bubbles area from Peeps World. The hubby and I loved this whole room they had with mini tents where one could lay down and have quiet time or sleep. The hubby and I agreed that the best exhibit was the Arthur one. We easily spend an hour on that exhibit alone. There was a dinosaur exhibit with dinos that moved and made such loud startling noises that my son thought the dinosaur was real. 

The Bostom Museum is a great spot for children of all ages and worth the price of $17 per person or membership starting at $160. If you are in the area share your pictures and always keep the mind open to new ideas.



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