Vacation Time Blog Tour: Pickle Toes Men’s Zesty Tee Pattern

       by Libby Vasquez

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As summer is in full swing, so is our vacation mood. The hubby and I had a chance to take a kids free weekend and when Pickle Toes Patterns offered up the chance to join their blog tour, I knew this would be my chance to do my first sewing project for him. Although, I didn’t have the chance to finish in time for our trip, it will be worn on our next vacation with the family to Santa Barbara. A while back I had bought a Yoda panel from Whimsy Baby Customs that seemed ideal for this project.

I selected the Zestly Pickles Tee for Men, which sadly is retiring on 8/1/18, but is now on sale for $2.50 and is a great staple for young teens and adult men. I like the variety of options, you can do a regular tee, one with a band and you have a hoodie option. On this project I ran all the details through my husband. He agreed with the panel, told me to get black knit for the back and a mint for the hoodie. Originally, he wanted the outside hoodie to be black and inside to be mint only but I used up a portion of my black on some testing and ate up half a yard without realizing it. Both my black and mint knits came from the awesome Knit Pop.

This was very easy to cut and would you believe it is such an easy sew that I procrastinated and finished this yesterday before my kiddos nap time? I have had quite a few changes this past month that sewing time has been pretty scarce and not in my plans when I originally signed up for this tour. The cutting took about 20 minutes due to the size of the pieces and double checking I had everything. The instructions are easy to follow and took no time to make. I was so glad to be able to make something for the hubby for once and the Yoda panel just made pattern something he will wear very often. I am sure he will give the banded look a try now and I can’t wait to have an excuse to buy more adult panels for him. Yay for a mommy win!! Doesn’t he seem to like it a just a bit?













Pickle Toes Patterns is so excited to bring to you a collection of patterns that are easy and fast to sew. Their patterns have the basic ingredients that you need to make a new sew your own. Color blocking, different fabrics and new styles are just some of the reasons that Pickle Toes Patterns should be your go-to when looking for something fun and unique. Many handmade children’s boutiques use PTP’s patterns to customize their designs.

Kellie the owner and founder of Pickle Toes Patterns started out just as clothing designer making custom children’s clothing because she couldn’t find cute clothing for her boys. Boys’ clothes eventually grew into girls’ clothing, which grew into making original designs. To make original designs, she had to make original patterns, and Pickle Toes Patterns was born!

Pickle Toes Patterns is not just a business, we are a family. I hope you enjoy sewing our patterns as much as we enjoy making them.

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