Eeboo’s Sloth in a Hurry and Spin to Play Build a Robot Board Game Review + Giveaway

by Libby Vasquez

I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Eeboo. 

Finding toys that are different from the norm and that will help you keep your little one busy more than once is not always easy. That is where Eeboo comes in. Eeboo is based out of New York, manufactured overseas, and creates toys that are different from other toys, durable and that engage a child’s mind in play without screens at a very affordable price. They have beautiful art on all their toys, created by well-known illustrators not licensed characters that will stand out in your child’s mind or as a gift. These toys are great for small hands, young minds and have an old-fashioned style to them reminiscent of your own childhood. Their products range from flashcards, notepads, arts and crafts supplies, backpacks, board games and so much more.

What originally caught my attention at Eeboo was the Sloth in a Hurry game. It looked different in color, style and had a character I knew would appeal to my son. There is a wonderful quality to all the products I received from Eeboo, on even the simplest item. I expected cheap, light paper on the In the Sea Watercolor pad and like most pads expected the watercolor to bleed through the paper. This was not the case, as the paper is thick and the cardboard holding the pad is very sturdy. I typically end up with paper all over the place because the pads are flimsy and the papers are not held down well. Both board games have sturdy materials, simple instructions but fun qualities that will have your kids coming back for more. The Sloth game had plenty of cards and combinations to act out in the game. Great to engage a child’s imagination, motor skills and critical thiking to guess what others are acting out. The embroidery and vibrant colors in their lunchbags was also great. Your kids will stand out with these items at school for sure.

We recently received a fun-filled package from Eeboo containing: Hedgehog + Bird lunch bag, Stegosaurus + Pteranodon lunch bag, Great Words Flash cards, Build a Robot Spinner Game, In the Sea Watercolor pad and Watercolors, and Sloth in a Hurry Game. Both my son and daughter and enjoyed every item we received. My son’s favorites were the board games as he is obsessed with games currently. The Build a Robot game was simple enough for even my 2 year old to take part in with few pieces that could work with all four boards provided. It led to both of my kids wanting to play over and over to create different style robots using a different tool each time. My son loved playing the game right before bed and it was quick enough to say yes and not have it delay bed all too much.

Look at that Detail!

My daughter’s favorite were the In the Sea Watercolor pad and Watercolors as she is in that messy, artsy stage and loved the colors in this watercolor set. The hubby and I loved the Great Words Flash cards for my son right now that he is just going on vacation and want to keep learning fresh in his mind. We enjoyed reviewing different words, going over the enunciation, definition and sentence examples while traveling. The pack had words my son has heard and some he still hasn’t been exposed to. Overall, I loved everything we received and will be buying a few more items to keep them entertained but learning throughout the summer. Immediately on my list are the juggling balls set. I think it will be fun for my son and he won’t even realize he is working on his coordination skills.

You can find any of these items and more on their shop page from $2.49 for small notebooks to $59.99 for Peacock fans plus shipping, depending on the balance in your cart, only available in the U.S. Follow Eeboo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest product releases and great deals. One lucky reader will win 2 items of their choice from Eeboo, details below. (Limited to the U.S.)


7 Replies to “Eeboo’s Sloth in a Hurry and Spin to Play Build a Robot Board Game Review + Giveaway”

  1. Diana Castillo says: Reply

    Love these!

  2. Diana Castillo says: Reply

    I like the animal bingo and dinosaur spin game

    1. yes, all great boy toys

  3. Anitha Kuppuswamy says: Reply

    Dinosaurs, Robots, Trucks Bundle and Time Telling Game!

    1. all very creative stuff, I couldn’t stop going over their catalogue 🙂

  4. I like hearing reviews like this. There are so many games out there that I never know which ones to buy just by looking at the cover!

    1. This was a lot of fun! I love reviewing games that can help other moms find what really fits their kiddos 🙂

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