Guys and Patriotic Vibes Tour: Ellie and Mac Tatum Tank and Hoodie

Guys and Patriotic Vibes Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents

By Libby Vasquez

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It is our pleasure to share with you my part of the Guys and Patriotic Vibes tour hosted by Made for Little Gents.  We will continue to partner with Sunni on any future tours focusing on creations for boys or men. I love sewing for myself and my daughter but feel that being part of a focused group like this one is great, as boys don’t get as many patterns or attention as girls do. I also love the push to create something different and new for boys with the basic items boys wear.

As 4th of July is approaching in the sewing world you are seeing an abundance of patriotic fabrics and creations. For my son I wanted a pattern that is light but fun and will work for the rest of the summer. I chose the Ellie and Mac Tatum Tank with a hoodie option as he has a tendency currently to bite the collar and figured if he bit the hood at least it wasn’t going to look loopy or obvious as a collar would. I love finding patterns for boys that can be so versatile. Of course it didn’t hurt that I randomly won a gift card from Ellie and Mac and bought this little number on sale too! You can catch all their patterns currently on sale through the end of the month at 50% off. What a steal! No project is complete without the right fabric pairing and since I didn’t have anything boy-ish I went off to Joann’s. I chose the Joanns Patriotic Fireworks Knit as it had the perfect July vibe and perfect dark color for my son and his messy nature, although the popsicles did catch my eye I knew my fellow blogger was using this fabric already. Darn! For contrast I used a clearance red terry from KnitPop. Both types of knits were easy to sew with. I was a bit nervous about the Joann’s fabric but it wasn’t as thick as most Doodles usually are.

I love how simple and fun the Ellie and Mac patterns are to sew up. You can find patterns for the whole family now as they have recently launched a few awesome men’s patterns. I was able to cut out the pieces in 15 minutes. The only item that is wrong on this pattern, and I have sent a quick email to the maker, is that the waist band requires two pieces but on the instructions it reads as one piece. Perhaps this changed to include the pattern piece on the pattern instead of just a measurement to be cut. I do prefer when bands are included in the pattern versus you measuring out on the fabric and trying to make sure it is even on all four sides. In this case you will sew both bands together right sides together then continue as noted on the pdf. The sewing portion took about an hour. I can tell you this was super speedy and easy to follow as I only sewed up this project yesterday after work due to my usual procrastination. Any moms out there feel me?

This pattern is great for both boys and girls and a great introduction for knits as well. I can’t wait to try out making some of the patterns my fellow bloggers tried out. Have a great, safe holiday and comment on any of your holiday makes and fun activities. As you can see my son is starting off his summer with lots of fun.

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  1. How cute!!!! Looove this so much!

  2. Looks fantastic!! Great job, Libby!

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