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By Libby Vasquez

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Every writer I know got their start in a library somewhere. We read a book, and we thought, “I want to do that.” – Karin Slaughter

Hi, if you’ve noticed recently I have been all about sewing, but my bigger love is and will always remain for books. Thus I want to really work hard to bring back my weekly reviews. I think I will work to bring 5 books to review, 3 children books and two adult. That way I am not overwhelmed with the books we actually read at home and bombard you with book titles. Below are the selections for this week.

  1. The Best Birthday Present Ever by Ben Mantle

Both kids loved this book. I have to admit they loved it most when dad added voices but they also love to have mom read it. The story is told from a Squirrel’s point of view and her choice in gift for her friend Bear. I loved that the gift she chooses is thoughtful, not expensive compared to the other wood animal friends and required work on her part to get. A great read, lots of beautiful pictures, details and beautiful colors. Great for 1st-2nd grade beginner readers, too.

Kiddos Rating: 5    Mom Rating : 4


  1. Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann

This book in the series mainly revolves around Pinkalicious overindulging on pink cupcakes. I love how they use a reverse psychology sort of approach about having too much of something, in this case pink cupcakes as a form of teaching a lesson. The ending was funny and unexpected. I thought it was very realistic when the dad is tired and scolding Pinkalicious for eating cupcakes and being upset.

Kiddos Rating: 4 Mommy Rating: 4

3.  Lothaire by Kresley Cole

This is one of my favorite Kresley Cole books. The main characters are both so different from the typical romance reads. Elizabeth is a human from the country with all “inferior” qualities the villain Lothaire would not expect from HIS Bride. He denies his attraction, rejects any idea that she truly is smart despite her many shows of just the opposite. My favorite line to date comes from this book. Lothaire is one bad boy you can’t help loving, he was and will continue to be evil. Great read, I have read it dozens of times and still will read from beginning to end and enjoy it like the first time.

Mommy Rating: 5++++

  1. Goosebumps: My Hairiest Adventure by R.L. Stine

Goosebumps was such a popular series in middle school. Despite the years since, this show has gone on to be made into a TV series and more. This is one of the tamer stories in the series and deals with a more science fiction aspect than horror. The main character is a young boy with a typical life until he starts seeing extremely abnormal hair growth. Why is this happening, as a teen I was truly perplexed until the last chapter. Great read and no nightmare material for young teens.

Mommy Rating: 4

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

This is actually my husbands go to series when we travel. I loved it as a teen and still love it as an adult. This is a great chapter book that looks difficult but has moderate writing for a beginner reader. This is great for a 2nd or 3rd grader that wants to feel like they read a HUGE chapter book. It will definitely lead you to reading the other six books in the series. Harry’s intro into an unknown Wizarding world, Magic and a villain he has no clue about until his 11th birthday is told via this first book. It introduces a new world, real characters like clumsy Neville, smart Hermione and outcast Ron. There is not much of a family structure here but it does dive into the feelings a young boy may have without much of a family. I have been reading this to my son since he was 4, 2-5 pages at a time and he loves it. We are a Gryffindor household. 🙂

Mommy Score: 4 Kiddo Score: 4

Take a moment to drink a cup of tea, coffee, wine, etc or milk in the case of minors and enjoy a new world, new friends via the written word. Sometimes I will review books that I did not like because, well, you are different from me and I like to give you a few details on what I disliked and you can form your own opinion. Sometimes I have hated a book and my kids loved it though, we are all different. I generally will finish a book 99.9% of the time even if it sucks, I just can’t leave a book unfinished, it nags at me. Let me know if you have any books you feel we should read and review and I will get to reading them myself or reading to my kiddos. You can reach me at ourplaypalace   @   gmail .com. (remove the spaces)

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  1. Great review. Caleb likes pinkalicious and peterific on pbs so he may like the book. I would love to hear your thoughts on my favorite, Pride and Prejudice. I have her most famous books in one collection but have yet to read them. Shame on me.

    1. For you missy I will give it a try.

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