Ellie and Mac Get Ready for Summer Tour: Girl’s Be Smart Jumper

by Libby Vasquez

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Summer is upon us and with that come the awesome sewing patterns and cool outfits. This week we are marking our stop on the Ellie and Mac Summer Tour with their Be Smart Jumper pattern. I have been eyeing this pattern ever since I made the Sitting Pretty top for myself and my daughter but had other patterns keeping me busy from this same brand. With the weather warming up in California I thought this would be the perfect pattern for this tour and my daughter.

The Pattern/Sewing

I opted to make one following the full pattern and one with just a skirt. The first I did using my scraps from my trips to the LA Fashion District and the second with Joann’s Doodles Unicorn of the Sea. They look like narwhals to me but Joann’s labels it different. The first knit is a bit lighter while the other is sturdier but a bit more fussy when sewing. It does have a tendency to curl or stretch a bit when I use a zig zag stitch so rather than a curly outfit I opted to stop at the skirt. I love that you can use any comfy knits for this project. I thought it would be a bit complicated or different but it is pretty easy even for someone new to sewing. It has 4 pieces to cut which take about 10 minutes. The first time sewing it took me just over an hour and the second time 30 minutes. This could easily turn into an assembly pattern for me.

The pattern was simple to follow and so easy to make while looking a bit complicated and so adorable. I made one for my daughter to play and one to dress up with. Both look great and I made the second in under 30 minutes, including cutting and in between tiny interruptions. It so light and airy for little girls in this warm weather, I just love it. Any family member with little girls will be getting one from me in the next month.

Unfortunately, my daughter was not wanting me to take pictures. She just wanted to play in the dirt and be a kid. My niece however, was more than willing, so most of the good pictures are hers. But the outfit was awesome! Check out all the lovely patterns at Ellie and Mac, lots of new awesome treats have been hitting their site and I am so excited and you should be too!

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8 Replies to “Ellie and Mac Get Ready for Summer Tour: Girl’s Be Smart Jumper”

  1. this little skirt is TOO cute! i LOVE suspenders – adorable!!

    1. I love that I can make 2 looks out of the same. So cute. I am cutting a few more this week.

  2. Elizabeth Blanchard says: Reply

    So cute!

  3. Kimberly McQueen says: Reply

    Super duper cute skirts! I love pretty much anything with narwhals! I’ve been eyeing the Be Smart for a while now, and I really need to just take the plunge and get it!!

    1. yes! it is adorable and they even have a bundle. I love the shirt too! soooo cute!

  4. I love it. This pattern is printed, sitting in my sewing room, just waiting for me to cut and sew.

    1. Kathy, you will love it. Super quick, same time as the gyct primary tee. I was surprised.

  5. Oh My… too adorable!!!

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