Mommy and Me Blog Tour: Ellie and Mac Women’s Be Fancy Tank Top

By Libby Vasquez

Welcome to my stop on the Mommy and Me Sewing Mother’s Day Tour! If you recall last week I made my daughter the Ellie and Mac Be Fancy Top and loved it so much on her I decided to take the easy route on the Mommy and Me tour and just make myself the same top. With the heat picking up already I know simple light shirts will be our wardrobe staple from now until October. Ellie and Mac has the adult version of the Be Fancy Top so this was perfect. I think my daughter’s outfit looks the best between the two of us, but each time I wanted to do Mommy and Me pictures she threw a fit.

I chose to go with a double brushed poly cacti print similar to the one available at After finishing the project, I know I should’ve stuck to 4-way knit for at least the neck and arm bands. Although, this fabric has some stretch it just wasn’t quite the same and I felt it bunched up a teeny bit in some areas. Not a whole lot that can be noticeable to others but to me it is. It is not enough for me to toss this shirt or even re-do it as a triple stitch is the worst to undo. If you opt to use this material, I would add 1.5 to 2 inches to the band sizes.

Sewing wise this project was fairly easy. It would take maybe about 4 hours to do both shirts from start to finish. The child one takes a bit of patience and going at it slowly, while the adult version just has more to be sewn and cut, so it takes more time. I loved the fringe for my daughter but wasn’t sure about it for me, so I skipped it for this first one. I will definitely add another one by next week to my collection. It is very light and I wore it on our trip to Disney and it was just the perfect covering. I wanted to make matching Mommy and Me ones but unfortunately did not have enough knit material of any on hand for this project and waiting for something to be shipped would’ve just had me on pins and needles. It is the same pattern so it worked for this tour and for us.

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8 Replies to “Mommy and Me Blog Tour: Ellie and Mac Women’s Be Fancy Tank Top”

  1. Love your tops. They look great. Your little girl is so cute.

    1. Thank you Kathy!

  2. Awww so cute! Loved the pics and seems like I would like this too too. I like how it is Flowy but fit on the top.

    1. I should make you one

  3. Sew fun! The cacti are really cute 🙂 🙂 Oh the joys of scheduling photoshoots around children, right?! haha

    1. It is the worst! You have to bribe, beg and plead for photos.

  4. You two are so gorgeous in your matching tops. You both look so comfortable and stylish.

    1. Thank you!

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