Gifts to Sew Tour: Be Fancy Tank Top

By Libby Vasquez

Sewing gifts is one of the best things to do for a sewing addict. As such I was happy to jump on board the “Gifts to Give” as part of the Sewing-Ti tours in honor of her Birthday. I chose the Ellie and Mac Be Fancy pattern as I loved how simple it looked to sew, plus the frill adds a little something fun to the look and I knew with the summer heat this will come in handy and look so stylish on any girl. Of course any gift for my baby girl is a reason to sew into the night.


he pattern was very easy to cut and the instructions were great. The cutting portion of this pattern was a piece of cake. It took me all of 5 minutes. The cutting of the main bodice was easy, but the bands were a bit tricky because they are small. Cutting knit that close together requires sturdy weights to hold your material. Since I don’t have any, I used my hand lotions and swabbing alcohol bottle to hold the material in place. If only I could remember where my rotary cutters are at, this would have been simpler. So if you are reading this, grab your rotary cutters, ditch the scissors.

The sewing portion was pretty easy, although the neck band is done a tad bit differently on this shirt versus any other I have done. I had to stop and do it the following morning as my tired brain couldn’t process what I was reading. The next morning, I was smacking my head at how simple it was. The knit on this shirt is light and fresh but wasn’t a hassle to sew with. I try to avoid white fabrics for my daughter as she is particularly messy. I have a few other colors in mind to add to her rotation and even gift to our niece as this is an easy sewing project. It came out a bit big but that will only mean she’ll get to enjoy it a bit longer.

Share your thoughts with me on this girl’s tank shirt and check out the other awesome sewn gifts on the tour below.

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  1. Looove it! Perfect summer shirt! Now you need one 😁

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