5 Book Subscription Boxes Worth the Price

By Libby Vasquez

Reading books is one of my great passions. I believe that books open doors, entertain and help you bond with your child. Yet, it isn’t always easy to go out to a brick and mortar store with a little one or several little ones in tow. A subscription box can make this past time a bit easier on you and your little ones. Below are a few selections based on your needs and wants. Currently I have tried out BookRoo and Little Fun Club.

I like that both come directly to your home wrapped up. Book Roo came with printed wrapping paper, while Think Fun Club came in plain brown wrapping paper. Both had great books that both my children enjoyed. Based on book choice, both were great. Price-wise I would go with Little Fun Club as I would get the same number of books for a $1 less. Not much but every dollar counts.

  1. Reading bug Box

          Lowest monthly price: $18/month for 0-3 Years + $3.50 Shipping in the US

          Levels: Baby (0-3 Years) and (0-13 years) for 1 or 2 children

  1. BookRoo

Lowest monthly price: $16.95 + $5 shipping in the US or $16 for Canada

Levels: Board Books (0-3 Yrs), Picture Books (2-6 Yrs), Chapter Books (7-10)

  1. LillyPost – Stands out in that every purchase equals in one donated book

Lowest monthly price: $15.95 + 4.95 Shipping

Levels: Board Book (0-3 years) , Picture Book (4-7 Years) and Mixed Books (All ages)

Books provided: 3 Board Books, 3 Picture Books or 1 Board Book + 2 Picture Books

  1. Little Fun Club

Lowest monthly price: $20 + free shipping (6 month subscription/2 Books)

Levels: 2 books a month, 3 books a month, or list of 5 book titles based on preferences

  1. Kids BookCase Club : This book club can actually be chosen for adults or children in any of their 5 other topics

Lowest Price: $9.99 + $5 Shipping

Levels: Kids Case (3 books), Blind Date Case (3), Strange Worlds Case (3), Teen Case (3), Thrill Seeker              Case (3) and Booking for Love Case (3)

Check out these awesome book boxes. Your children will enjoy the present and it will make reading a bit easier. With specialized boxes you are sure to get something that will fit his or her reading taste. Happy Reading! Share with us other boxes you have tried out in your home.

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