Getting Ready for Ipgy Gen Beauty: LA 2018 

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by Libby Vasquez

This weekend, March 23 & 24, I will be attending the  2018 LA Ipsy Gen Beauty Convention and have started getting ready for it. This conventions is loads of fun, but you have to be ready mentally and physically. I have attended for the past two years and have learned quite a bit. Although, I am not 100% into beauty items, I love freebies and love finding products that can transform me for that once a month date night with the hubby or interview.

What to Expect

First of all, this even takes place Saturday and Sunday. From roughly 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You are standing a good portion of the time and although there are some chairs/sofas inside they are very spaced out. If you want your goodies, and let’s face it, that’s what we’re there for, you will be standing. This is almost like a work shift. Imagine standing all day!! Some people are in high heels, skimpy clothes and end up suffering. It’s nice for pictures but not worth it in my opinion. Also, bring snacks. There is no food in the actual tent and you don’t want to leave go to Starbucks or other close locations and lose out on a cool product or YouTube presenter.

Second, it is raining here in Los Angeles. A few visitors come from other states or cities and may be unprepared. Last year, it was baaaaadd. Rain was coming into the tent and they were using vacuums to suck up the water. Dress appropriately. Take something that will keep you wet free. Not necessarily heavy as it will then get warm when you are packed inside the beauty tent. Be sensible.

Third, parking. Yes, it is pricey. We are right by LA Live, so unless you are willing to park in a bit of the seedier parts of LA, you will pay upwards of $30-50 for parking. We have done a bit of both. Last year it was pouring BAD so we skipped walking and parked inside the lot. The year before it was cold and windy but there was no rain so we parked about two blocks away and saved ourselves the $30.


Overall, the experience is great! Especially if you have enthusiastic people with you. This year I will be sharing with both my younger sisters, kid-free and will be having such a blast. I can’t wait to share all the awesome freebies available this year of old favorites like NYX, Too Faced, Pacifica and newbies. I am very lucky that this has been my sister’s birthday gift, so the cost to me has been $0. Last minute tickets are still available here starting at $99 with code GBWEB. I will be posting tomorrow and Sunday pictures of the speakers I catch glimpses of, full sized freebies, samples and new brands. So Excited!!

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