Spring into Color Blog Tour : Ellie & Mac Boy’s Swag Hoodie Pattern Review

y Libby Vasquez

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This week we have paired up with Sewing by Ti for her “Spring Into Color” Tour based on the 2018 Pantone colors noted below. I decided to go with a pattern for my son as I have been sewing quite a bit for my daughter recently. I went with the Ellie and Mac Boy’s Swag Hoodie Pattern and with the Sailor blue Pantone color for the main fabric. I am obsessed with their Wacky Wednesday sales and awesome, easy sewing patterns. I was originally going to do the full pattern in sailor blue but thought it needed a little something to make it more appealing to my son. So, I added a bit of Boarding Bear Doodles Cotton from Joann’s which also has a sort of Harbor Mist color if I do say so myself. I had completely forgotten about it and found it when I was trying to find that something to elevate this to his liking and am glad I did.

Using the Pantone colors alone would’ve been a bit difficult for myself as I don’t like solids alone. I also tend to wear dark colors myself and on my kiddos. I love light colors on my daughter but she is a bit of an explorer, with dirt of all things, and it takes an unfortunate toll on light colors. The colors on this palette are beautiful but taking the time to find a fabric choice that also didn’t bug me would also take ages. So, I went the easy route, making something for my children takes a lot less decision on my part. I just want to create more and more things for them and it fit this Pantone palette well.

This pattern was pretty easy to follow and cut. I took a bit of time on the pocket but this was due to my jersey knit. It curled a bit on the top even though I used a stretch zig zag stitch. When I turned the pocket around the curling and zig zag made it uneven on the top so I had to move it a bit to make a straight line to then top stitch. I then went back and just used a straight stitch with black thread versus white which I originally used and disliked. I then used a regular zig zag across the rest of my sewing. This part went fairly easily as there is no difficult technique used here. Just attaching the many parts at the seams. This is a great project for a beginner with access to a zig zag stitch or twin needles to avoid any fabric distortions with the knit material.

I loved how easy this was to sew, done in 1 evening really. It even looked great without the hoodie and just would need a hem as is. The whole sewing took about 3.5 hours from start to finish. It was also great having a much easier model who I didn’t have to bribe or lose my mind with. I may just find more boy patterns at least until my daughter grows a bit more and listens. Let me know your thoughts on the final result, be honest and check out my fellow bloggers below!

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