GYCT Spring Dress Tour Firecracker Pattern Review

by Libby Vasquez

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GYCT Designs started in 2014 by Chelsea, the designer, with a simple idea, to create patterns that she could envision using in her own home, with her own family thus making it enjoyable for others. I am elated to be part of this GYCT Designs Spring Dress tour hosted by the awesome Chelsea and her sewing friendly designs. We had the awesome luck to be able to choose a dress of our liking and I chose the Firecracker Dress and Tunic. I love that each pattern I have seen, bought or tested from GYCT is comfortable, easy to make and can be worn any day of the week.

On the day we received the Firecracker Dress and Tunic  pattern I immediately knew what fabric I would use for the main parts. I chose the Blue Barbie Corvette Cotton that I found in a small fabric store in LA for a $1 a yard but have seen for a relatively cheap price on Etsy. I then just needed a contrast color and thought a yellow to make the sun stand out on the main Barbie cotton would work well. This pattern provides a ribbon option instead of biased tape and as I am not a fan of making my own bias tape, I searched for the right amount of ribbon that would match and had plenty of white ribbon from my last binge purchase from the Hairbow Center.

I assembled and cut this pattern in minutes and as always I was surprised at the small pieces it takes to create a toddler ensemble. The instructions were easy to follow for all but one part. I am not sure if I was tired but there was a part where the bodice piece and lining need to be stitched but I was reading it as if the lining and bodice pieces needed to be sewn to each other not that they needed to be sewn bodice to lining and topstitched. I had to rip this apart twice until I called on my sister with more sewing experience and she cleared the cobwebs for me. At this point I was glad I had chosen to skip bias tape making too. Less work for this tired mommy. Another hard part was doing the buttonhole, as this was my first time doing one. I stressed more about it and put off moving forward because I was afraid of this new part of sewing. This YouTube buttonhole tutorial was a lifesaver and I laughed at myself for taking 2-3 days sewing time just thinking on something that took 2-3 minutes from set up to finish for both buttonholes. I also have a computerized sewing machine, specifically the Brother HC1850, that does all the work so it was super simple and just a matter of holding down your presser foot. It added a nice touch to the bodice and makes it great at adjusting the top to the right proportion for each child.

I was annoyed at myself for having taken 2 extra days to finish this cute piece for 1) being afraid of a buttonhole and 2) not reading my instructions carefully on the bodice/lining sewing portion. On the other hand my favorite part was how the pattern sews up the lining to the skirt separate from the main bodice to enclose the seams from the front and back bodice. It looks so smooth and keeps the fray away from a child’s skin. I did this dress over a matter of 3-4 days even with my delays. I did 2-3 steps at a time and this pattern worked well for when you have stress filled days, work and kids without having a mess of pattern pieces, complications, etc. I give this pattern an 8.5 score for the simple instructions, great style and wonderful options. You can make this with different fabric combinations, ribbon or bias, tunic or dress from size 3 months to 12 for a growing young lady, with a shirt or without. This dress will most definitely get worn during the summer as the fabric and style is light and easy to run in without a shirt and with a shirt until this California weather gets it together! This Firecracker Dress and Tunic sure it lit.

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  1. Glad you figured out your buttonholes! They’re not so scary 😉 That’s a cute dress, I love the Barbie fabric!

  2. Super cute!! Love it 😍

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