Petite Stitchery & Co Valentine’s Day Tour : Girl’s Maize and Lily Dress Pattern Review

By Libby Vasquez

I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Petite Stitchery Co. 

Please, visit all of the wonderful Sewing Bloggers on the Petite Stitchery Valentine’s Day Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo and enter win all of the patterns in the tour below! The Prize is worth over $100 in prizes!!

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As you may have noticed we have ramped up our sewing this year, I think I have completed more items in January than I did all year. Petite Stitchery is the awesome pattern host for this Spring Tour. I was excited to be a part of it as I have now fallen in love with pdf patterns and they no longer scare me. I want to get my hands on all the fun, stylish and easy patterns out there and Petite Stitchery fits the bill.

They have fun, detailed patterns for babies, girls and women as well as some accessories. They have fun patterns with plenty of variations and awesome bundle deals. I love patterns that have the different sleeve options which can result in variety even among one wearer. Their patterns are all fun, they are always coming up with new designs for you to try out that fit with the season and holidays, too!

The Sewing

We received the Girls Maize & Lily pattern bundle for this tour and were so psyched to get started! This had the perk of having two patterns in one, with each one also having sleeve variations, so off the top you have 6 possible styles. The downloaded file includes the pattern, photos and very detailed instructions, size measurements as well as fabric usage quantities. I used a juvenile doodles woodlands interlock knit purchased at Joann’s from last year, for the bodice and sleeves and some hot pink cotton material I found in my favorite downtown LA shop for $1 for the skirt portion. The cutting portion was fairly easy, although I think I would’ve preferred a separate pattern piece for the front bodice with the scoop to avoid having to go and cut it after cutting the front or a second pattern for the mirror of that piece. I accidentally cut an extra before I caught that it was a mirror version that needed to be cut. The cutting portion was fairly easy up through the bias portion. Be sure to have a quilters ruler with angle information, as mine didn’t I looked up how to make bias tape a different way. Gladly I found this youtube video on How to make bias tape that helped me out but I would’ve preferred to just purchase it. I would also test out your iron’s heat setting for pressing on a scrap. I accidentally had it on high and singed a piece of my pocket when I was pressing it down to secure it.

There are over 30 steps but about 5 are on the bias. So, if you want save some time there for a few dollars you can get some pre-made bias. I found the sewing fairly easy to understand and follow through based on the pictures and detailed instructions given, even for a beginner like myself. There were new concepts like the bias tape making and gathering at the sleeve. But instructions were fairly detailed. Half the time I am still looking up terminology. So brave it and buy this precious, easy and fun pattern, on sale just for today! The result was just fantastic! I am anxiously waiting for my daughter to wake up to take a final picture. I can’t wait to try out the Maize pattern with just cotton fabric. If you follow me on Instagram you will surely see that result in the next week.

My burned pocket piece
Love these cuffs SO much!!

You can also find any of the awesome Petite Stitchery Co. patterns via our affiliate link here starting from $5.00 at the paid level with a few awesome freebies, like the Crossbody bag and needle holder. For more fun ideas, deals or freebies check their Instagram and Facebook page. I am so happy with the results! Also, grateful to my husband for taking these pictures. What do you all think? Love it?!

Worth the work

16 Replies to “Petite Stitchery & Co Valentine’s Day Tour : Girl’s Maize and Lily Dress Pattern Review”

  1. Jessica Skates says: Reply

    Very cute

    1. Thank you! I am glad the colors coordinated well 🙂

  2. I looove it!! She looks so adorable!! The fabrics you chose coordinate well. My favorite is the knit fabric and the bias tape detail is adorable!!

  3. Kim Korstjens says: Reply

    That fabric is adorable! Very cute pattern and kiddo too!

  4. Chelsea Withey says: Reply

    This dress is beautiful on her & she seems to really be loving it!

  5. Patti Zoellick says: Reply

    Love the design and colors. Very cute.

  6. The asymmetrical bow detail is so precious on your daughter. I’m glad you’re sewing more!

  7. So cute! She looks so excited!!

  8. Oh my gosh she’s adorable! And the dress is great!

  9. I love picking up doodle knit on sale from Joann’s for my girls!

    1. yes, the prints are super cute. I have been tempted to get one or two for myself 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  10. Aww I love the bow.

  11. What a doll!

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