DG Peplum Pattern & Dress Review

by Libby Vasquez

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Sewing is a wonderful and fun hobby. However, patterns can make or break a project before it has even started. These days we see the trend moving from traditional tracing paper patterns to print it yourself PDF patterns. DG Patterns created by Daniela provides a fun, reliable solution for patterns geared for women with modern, appealing styles but also include some children patterns. I love the styles of her creations, from dresses to tops to pants and more. I can easily picture myself wearing any of her patterns as they are agreeable items for home or work. I love that her prices are reasonable, delivery is quick, can be done from your phone or pc and I can truly see myself wearing her designs.

I love that I can see the pattern designer with the sewn item as the main picture for every pattern, sometimes in different material textures. I can tell this item was actually sewn by someone and is picture worthy and I can visualize what it will look like on me or how I can pair it as she has already done on some tops, pants or jackets. I love how quickly you can get your item once you purchase. Although, this can also be a problem if you have a sewing shopping addiction or go trigger happy! There are different files for the actual pattern and one for instructions, which is great as you don’t have to separate as you print. She has some blog posts that correspond to her patterns divided by sections with further clear, detailed pictures that can further assist when you are lost in your sewing. Sewing can be so much fun, but if you are frustrated at the start with your pattern chances are you won’t complete it. DG Patterns makes things simple and fun that will fit great

We received the V Neck Dress Pattern and Peplum Top to sew ourselves and to review the quality of the pattern. The final fit was great! I was expecting it to take too long, I was intimidated but it all came out just great. I have got to say this was my first pdf pattern and I enjoyed it a lot more than traditional patterns. My last attempt at traditional patterns resulted in cut patterns that have not come to fruition yet. I like that this pattern could be printed multiple times without having to waste time or messing up from tracing multiple sizes for future use off one main pattern. I printed, cut and assembled the pattern in about an hour and 15 minutes as I printed both the peplum shirt I liked that I could do this in parts, especially with kids, without messing up the quality of the pattern. The cutting portion took about another hour, but I would definitely pay close attention to the diagram showing how to cut the material based on whether you are doing the dress, shirt and with or no sleeves. I started to cut the sleeves and then saw the diagram and probably made poor use of ¼ of a yard.

Once, the cutting porting was done the sewing part took about two hours. The sewing level was definitely intermediate beginner. I had some hard time “getting” some of the terms or directions as I am pretty new to sewing. But I pinned items together as I understood and flipped them to see what the result were according to what I understood and then did the final run. I think doing a 2nd or 3rd time will take me 30-45 minutes less. I thought it would be complicated so I read, re-read and looked at the diagrams a lot. The color coding of right and wrong side is just perfect for beginners and visual learners.


I do wish there was a bit more instruction on some items. For example, when it came to finishing the shoulders, there was just a picture but no words. I honestly missed it, realized somewhere I had skipped something and came back to it, saw the blank square and realized that was where it was indicated to stitch the shoulder, just before hemming the skirt portion of the dress and finishing. The process takes a bit of time because you have to hem and that takes time to do especially on the bottom of the skirt as it is a bit long at about mid-calf. You also have two front and back bodice pieces that add an extra comfort and padding to the top of the dress and sewing. The skirt is nice and flowy but long to sew. It also took me a bit longer than usual because it was a new pattern, new pattern method and new sewing machine. I know, I know perfect timing to try it all out right? I loved that this called for a medium knit as something light would’ve been a bit of a pain to pin together at the bodice parts and make for a classier, sturdier look. The dress looked great and made a fan of pdf patterns out of me.

Overall, I give this pattern a 8.5 out of 10, as nothing is ever perfect, also due to lack of some directions although a bit obvious if you have sewn a bit prior.  Total, it took me about 4.5 hours from start to finish. I am however, reaching out to the designer so this will be a higher rating for future users and maybe she can add a sentence to the one missed direction so you don’t get lost. The fit was on point, sewing level was dead on as well and it is a product I can see myself wearing this dress a lot all while being proud of my work. I spent $4 total on this material, lucky to be close to the Los Angeles Fashion District, and look like well over $20. I definitely recommend DG Patterns for your pattern needs and am looking forward to buying the Marino Top as my next sewing project.

You can purchase a pattern from $5 on their homepage. Follow Daniella and her creations on FacebookPinterest and Twitter for news on her latest creations or discount sales.


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  1. Wow! Loved the dress and your overall review. I can relate on the traditional patterns but you’re right. As you gain more experience and make mistakes you’ll learn SEW much more lol! I also have falling in love with PDF patterns and will try this pattern sometime in the near future. It is nice to see the designer wearing the pattern so you can get a better idea on the final garment on a real person and get fashion inspiration as well. Glad you are having fun!

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