Party In My Pants Overnight and Large Cloth Pads Review




I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Party In My Pants or P.I.M.P for short.

As you may have read in my blog I am a cloth diapering mom. A few of the reasons why I do it are concern over the environmental waste via diapering and harsh chemicals and materials against my child’s skin. Since I have pushed this on her unwillingly, I decided to give it a try in my own personal life and due to growing chafing over the plastic in disposable pads when exercising. Party In My Pants is a small, woman owned business based out of Wisconsin that handsews menstrual products.  Luci Daum, the owner, has always had a love for sewing, learning since the age of three. She along with the other women that sew at P.I.M.P. have a great love, dedication and stand behind their products 100%. They strive to make their products stand out from others in the industry with fun, colorful and engaging fabric patterns.

What I love about  the P.I.M.P site is their savings calculator which lets you see the number of disposable pads you use in a five-year period and the cost vs cloth pads in those five years as well as until the time you will roughly hit menopause. I cannot imagine how much higher the numbers are for those with a heavy flow, incontinence and right after giving birth. I would consider myself a low to medium quantity user, but my savings are of about $650 by the time I hit menopause if I use cloth instead of disposables. The typical savings can be closer to $3,000 from start of menstrual cycle to menopause. On top of that they have great options to expand or narrow down your pad. You can purchase a wing extender for $.50. They have a great FAQ page as well as sizing page that can help you out to find the right option for you. The greatest review when it comes to their products is just how comfortable they are. They have three material options: cotton, flannel and organic. They top stitch the finish in a manner that can be easily repaired with a simple machine not requiring a serger. They also have thong liner, micro liners, varied sized pads, totes to carry your pads, caps and breast pads.

We received the Large in a flannel topper material and an Overnight pad in cotton topper material. Currently the weather is pretty cold, so I think currently I prefer the flannel but would prefer the cotton in the summer. The cotton is a bit cooler, so like cotton sheets in winter feels a lot colder than it really is. It was unexpected but didn’t last more than a few minutes as my body warmed the pad. I have tried other cloth pads and have made my own rough attempts at cloth pads. But I was in love with just how thin their pads were while being so absorbent. They are silent in comparison to plastic, more comfortable when exercising and great for any bodily liquid need. Unfortunately, my review was delayed as my cycle has been a bit weird lately, either going two months without a cycle but spotting or false alarms in between. In between that time, I do confess I used it after sex. I personally dislike carrying the semen dampness to sleep with. The pads did well with that but I wanted to really test how they would do during my period. I have got to say that this was the most comfortable few days on my period that I have ever had. I slept very comfortably with both during the night, something I very rarely get with disposables even when they are long as they shift too much. That did not happen with the extra snap helping to keep them in place and very comfortable sleep. The longest I lasted with each pad was 14 hours, with no leaks. That is just amazing to me! I did like the fabric pattern for the cotton pad over the large one, I must say. I will be purchasing a few more based on their fun patterns. If you have thought about cloth pads or any alternative to disposables try the free panty liner giveaways for the shipping cost of $3.99 only and dip into the awesome comfort.

Can you even see any stains? So Awesome!!
What a cute design and color

Join them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Sign-up for their newsletter for news on new patterns, fabric choices and styles. You can find their products on their homepage from cloth pads, thong liners, water resistant bags and other items from $5.99 with shipping at $3.99 when you spend under $75 or free when you spend over that amount. Don’t forget about the free panty liner for the cost of shipping for first time users.

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