Kinderfeets Crate Review

Looking for any last-minute gifts for your little ones? Well, what about accessories? Kinderfeets is a company funded by Oscar Mulder, with Dutch roots, that creates wooden bikes and accessories that are fun, engaging and impart balance foundations for young ones. Oscar is a descendant of an actual Dutch bike designer that when faced with unsuitable bike designs for his first child here in the U.S. decided to embark on the bike design journey himself. He designs bikes out of his home in San Francisco and works with reliable workers in China to bring his ideas to life to the many children across the world. They use recyclable materials in their packaging, sustainable or biodegradable materials for parts and work to plant a tree via Trees for the Future for every bike sold.

The fun part of these bicycles is that you can get one for a child as young as one year and as old as five or six years and pair them with fun, natural, old-school looking accessories. Kinderfeets bikes are made from light wood that can be carried or dragged by a young child quite easily, come in fun colors. Their fun accessories are also made with natural wood accessories or wicker and have tires made from biodegradable rubber. Their products teach a child as young as 12 months how to ride a trike without assistance and have the confidence as they grow older to remove one wheel and learn to balance on their own.

We received the Kinderfeets Crate to attach to the Makii Tiny Tot Tricycle, review here. I loved the cute look and feel of the crate. My daughter loved the crate as she could put fun things in it while on her bike and she could also remove it.  The crate easily fit her hands to walk around with and fill with any treasure. She had as much fun riding her bike as seeing her treasures riding with her, stopping and looking into her crate. I loved the old school look and feel of the little crate, it makes me think of the old times when all you saw were people riding bicycles and items in their baskets or wooden crates. The belt loops can adjust to any other size handle bars not just Kinderfeets products which is great as well. This item would be great for any Kinderfeets tricycle, classic bike or other brand bicycle you may already have at home.

You can find their awesome products on their site and this crate for $19.99. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for news on their latest designs and awesome deals!

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