Squishables Mini Comfort Food Toast & Fuzzy Memories Floppy Disk + Holiday Gift Idea

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As the holidays are upon us Squishable is a company that you want to look to for your gifting needs. They have appealing and fun plush toys in the form of food, animals, mythological creatures and so much more each week . They strive to have unique creations since their inception in 2007. While they play at fun, they are also serious about their charitable contributions. They have contributed to foundations that assist from animal health to shelter for people and education amongst the long list of their assisted groups.

Squishable is a company that does not just give to charities and leaves them nameless. They occasionally have special events or exclusive plush toys that generate revenue for their designated charities and they keep a list of the time periods or creation that generated funds for that foundation. They are very big on fan and consumer interaction. They have contests to increase fan base while demonstrating your creativeness.  You can upload a creative drawing and if your creation gets enough votes it becomes one in their lineup. They also have giveaway contests for fans to create videos and win one of a kind squishable, purses, etc. without requiring actual purchase, just your creativity is needed. I love that their love is so great for their product that it shows in their employees’ enthusiasm and projects.

We received the Mini Comfort Food Toast and Fuzzy Memories Floppy Disk. My children loved the mini, while I barely let them touch or look at the Floppy disk as I loved it so much and kept it in my room. When their cousins came over they had fun tossing them around, yelling out the name of the type of squishable and catching it in the air. These are just adorable for them to play with and make great decorative pillows. I love how it gives a child a style of their own to their bedroom and is fun to play with as well. The mini size was great for their small hands at about 7 inches wide. While the regular sized floppy is great for an adult room. I can’t imagine how fun a massive squishable would be. I can’t wait to give out a few keychain sized ones as stocking stuffers. So cute!!

You can find their products on their homepage from $6.99 for micros to $19 for mins and $144 for their massive sizes. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for their latest deals, newest squishable product ideas and inventory status.

8 Replies to “Squishables Mini Comfort Food Toast & Fuzzy Memories Floppy Disk + Holiday Gift Idea”

  1. These are great plush toys. I love that they are food. The avocado is definitely my favourite.

    1. yes, it is great!

  2. I needed to have something unique to give the little ones in my family and I think this is it. I love that they are a company that gives back, so I will get some of those pillows, love the avocado.

    1. yes, it looks good enough to eat!

  3. Oh, my word how cute are those Smushables. I would have so much fun with those giving them as gifts. Too cute.

    1. yes, they are great for kids or adults 🙂

  4. I love the one I got! It is so fluffy and soft! My boy keeps it in his crib or likes to toss it around too hahah! These are definitely cute and great gift ideas!

    1. You are a dork missy! That ghost is wicked cool. I may get an avocado keychain or sushi lol

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