How Exploding Diapers Turned me into a Cloth Diapering Momma

by Libby Vasquez

A lot is said about cloth diapers. There are tons of arguments for it including the environment, financial, style, etc and against the grossness of it all, time spent, up front cost. It is also very rare to find in my Hispanic community anyone willing to give cloth diapers a try. However, for me one single thing transformed me into a cloth fanatic. Exploding diapers. After having one kid and going through those exploding diaper experiences I decided with my second child I would do anything to avoid that.

I originally tried Gerber covers with my son during the summer season when he would get rashes but it was mainly my mom who used cloth to diaper  him. She took care of him as back then I did not telecommute at all. I didn’t try any actual modern cloth diapers and she went the old school route of just using receiving blankets to wrap him and cloth strip to hold it all together. When I saw the training pant covers at Walmart I thought it would make things a bit easier and less wet. At that time I had to walk to my Laundromat and my mom would just wash out the blankets in a large paint bucket. She would leave them soaking to dislodge any poop and drain the water and do another wash before I washed them separately at the Laundromat. When summer ended I went the easy route and went back to disposables. I was too busy with work and just adjusting to being a mom that I couldn’t be bothered to look into cloth diapering further.

However, when my daughter was born I had gone through about 3 years of diapering with my son and wanted to avoid the mess associated with exploding diapers and rashes in the summer. Have you been on the receiving end of the exploding mess? The mess will spread from their behind to their clothes and from their clothes to their back! I had one case with disposables on my daughter, on the rare times I use disposables, where it ended up all over her back, her HAIR!!! and I felt like I was tainted myself. Even though I washed my hands over and over I felt like the smell and poop was still on me. You have never felt anything like that! If you have, read on. A similar incident happened the next week with a cloth diaper and it was 80% less of that mess. Even my husband who has never been a fan of cloth diapers, had a change of heart that day. Since then we have been a solid cloth diapering home, expect on the one time we flew and had no way to wash our diapers.

I have been cloth diapering since my daughter was 2 months old.With her, I first tested the water with chinese cheapies, a six pack on Amazon, then with cheaper small brands and lastly thee Grovia O.N.E. I wish I had found the Grovia O.N.E. diaper first as this diaper is now even better than disposables. My daughter is 2 now and is at that point where if I do use any disposables, I am 90% cloth, they will leak through after 3 hours and won’t last the night. Grovia O.N.E. always has. This is the one diaper I have yet to have any liquid seep through. My cheapies and smaller name brand ones if left for over 3 hours will leak. Of course the same is said for disposables if we don’t check our kids right? But I loved cloth diapers because my daughter had no rashes and I avoided the exploding diapers especially after she started eating solids. Around the 4th month of your baby’s life you will see a BIG change in pooping textures, amount and times they will go. Cloth diapers for me were a lifesaver.

If you have ever been frustrated with disposable incidents such as exploding diapers, rashes, UTI’s, etc I would suggest giving cloth diapering a chance. I have avoided any rashes in the summer with my daughter that I suffered through with my son. Some great brands you can add to your registry are bumGenius, Thirsties, Grovia and Bambino Mio. Cloth diapering can be made easier and I will discuss that in another future post. It does not have to be gross, expensive or a headache.

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