My Concert Bucket List for 2018

by Libby Vasquez

As the year is ending I have been looking at what I want to accomplish and do in the next year. Part of that has been looking over artists I would love to see. I have been saddened by the death of great artists like Chester Bennington, from Linkin Park, and Charlie Murphy, the comedian. Their deaths have made me consider two things, one, life is fleeting and can change from one moment to the next. Second, I want to see as many of my favorite artists or great artists before I lose the opportunity.

I figure by making a list, I will be able to focus and really make some headway on this list and also making some one of a kind date nights with the hubby. I don’t want to miss out either on seeing great artists in case they decide to retire or have any health issue too. My husband has missed out on seeing one of his favorite artists because he is older now and has decided not to do any more events. I know it saddens him to miss out on that opportunity and I don’t want to have that same, sucky feeling.

Well without further ado, here is my concert bucket list:

  1. Eminem – He is so the only artist I would care to watch in the next year. I just love his talented words, sound and have followed his work for 18 years now. I equally love his original Marshall Mathers LP and his Marshall Mathers LP2  follow-up equally.
  2. Nicki Minaj – She is so iconic. I love how her style changes and just like Eminem her other personas are pretty fun and interesting to hear across her music. I loved her last CD, The PinkPrint, so much I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.
  3. Ivy Queen – I have actually seen her 3 times already but love her work.
  4. Don Omar – He is a pretty good reggaeton artist, I love his rhythm, words and he works with many other equally talented artists in his genre that any concert of his would be awesome!!
  5. Third Day – I love this Christian band. I have several of their cd’s and would love to have that spiritual connection on a deeper level. I can listen to them all day.
  6. Phil Whickam – I have heard him once, at a Harvest Crusade in 2016, and loved his voice and positive message. I would love to see a full set of his work.
  7. Beyonce – She is an artist that always delivers. I love watching her live concerts as her dedication and choreography is unbelievably great.
  8. Twenty One Pilots – I love their dedication and great sound. I love how these two individuals have worked well and continue to deliver top notch content.
  9. Adele – Her voice wow! She has pulled out of concerts due to vocal issues, so I really need to focus on catching one of her concerts. She doesn’t even need instruments to deliver great music.
  10. Celine Dion – I have loved her work since I heard her in the song “Immortality” with the Beegees. One of these days I have to go down to Las Vegas and check her out.
  11. G-Eazy – He is very cool and quick witted with his lyrics.
  12. Ozuna – This is one my husband is obsessed with recently. I don’t LOVE him but would be happy to see him.
  13. Wisin – Next to Eminem he is one artist I would love to kiss. He He He! He is so good with his lyric delivery and voice that I just get all lovey dovey.

As you can see I have quite a few artists to catch this upcoming year. I hope to get at least half of them in this next year. A few have cd’s coming out, so that means tours, so this is my chance! Share with me some of your bucket list picks or artist you think I would be happy to see based on my music preferences above. So excited for the next year!!

2 Replies to “My Concert Bucket List for 2018”

  1. Nicki Minaj and Queen Bey are definitely on my list! 🙂
    I was absolutely gutted when Linkin Park’s Chester passed away. Had so hoped to see them perform one day.

    1. yeah it was so sad. I was sure I would see them this year with this new CD. 🙁

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