You Turned 2!!!

By Libby Vasquez

It feels like this year has gone by so fast. This week I have taken a hard look at you and see a toddler now not a baby. I love you so dearly and reflect on how much you have learned in this year. I reflect on how important you are to me, to our home, for our happiness. You make your momma and papa proud.

This year has been amazing in your growth. First from learning to walk at 13 months to talking. Just like your brother, dad and I loved having your first word “apple” repeated over and over. It has been amazing to see you lose the baby weight as you got faster at walking, running and just moving everywhere. You are always happy to be racing with your brother and to be climbing everywhere. You went from eating food with your hands to demanding your own Paw Patrol utensils. You overcame your fear of the water, so much so you wanted me to just let you go. Of course that made me just keep a tighter hold on you, missy. You went from diapers to training pants. This year has been one of learning and having patience. You with us and use with you. But the love has just grown from it.

Keeping an eye on you has become a 2-3 person job. Dad, Grandma and I always have to have our eyes on you because you are so mischievous. The crazy things you have done. Some I wish I could forget, like you enjoying eating dog food. Attempting to put anything into the electric sockets. Running the water in the bathroom sink to wash your hands to overflowing. Standing in the bath and scaring the daylights out of me. Falling in the bathroom for running in after I gave you a bath and you guys splashed water everywhere. Thank God our bathroom is small and has no sharp corners. You are too brave for your own good girl! Standing on the rails of Meteor Crater, basically having dad and mom’s heart on heart attack mode the whole way until we got in the car. You, young lady, are full of shenanigans that will give your dad and mom grey hairs, or in daddy’s case lose all his hair lol.

Yet, you melt our hearts with your wonderful smile and cute manners. You are so independent, full of love and daring. I love how when we go out you always want to hold hands with your brother. How when you wake up you always want to hug and kiss me. I love how kissing noses is so special. You make me so proud because I see so much of my personality in you but you make it your own. I love your special “cheese” smile and how you always want to see any picture on the phone. You bring out daddy’s protective nature and that is just too cute.

This year has been so beautiful and blessed. You went from having no interests to watching your own shows, picking your own books, clothes and food.  I am so blessed to be called your momma, my Queen. You will always be my Queen, so fierce, so brave, so smart. Failures don’t get you down, they just make you fight that much harder to get what you want. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to see what the next day and the next will bring for us. At the same time I want time to stop and just have you as you are right now. Happy birthday baby.

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