A Day in the Life of a Working Mom and Blogger

by Libby Vasquez
                How does a mom do it? Keeping your house in order, spending time with your children, spending and making time for your spouse and yourself. Then if you have the insane idea of hustling on the side how do you do it? Well, I can tell you some days it is easy, some days you fail at hustling and sometimes you give up on the extras to get the priorities done and taken care of and just finish the day. Other days life is just frigging hard as heck and you rely on your partner and emotional village, for me that is my mom, sisters and in-laws. 
                For me blogging has been about sharing my experiences via this awesome platform of blogging via Siteground. It is funny that in person I am not great at making conversation, friends, etc. but online I love it! I am a millennial in that sense I suppose. I can tell you that my romantic relationship with my husband also bloomed over the internet, I was attending out of state school and he was here in California, but that is a tale for another day. I love writing and I guess it goes hand in hand with my love for books but of course my kids, husband and home are first priority. I also happen to work a regular job currently. So working a 40-hour week and commuting have to be squeezed in there somewhere.
                Until recently I actually worked telecommuting from home 2 days out of the week so I would work or blog during my kiddos naptime those two days. Now that I am working out of the home again it is a better harder to make time to blog. Well below is a glimpse of what a typical day looks like for me now a days with work and children.
4:00-6 am             Usually around this time one or both of my kids will cry out for milk or juice. If they don’t I will get them                                           milk/juice around 6:45am.
6:15am                 First alarm rings, hit snooze
6:40am                 Second alarm rings, I lay there for 5 minutes. Then I jump out and grab my clothes and shower.
7:00am                 If my son hasn’t woken up, which 70% of the time he does and just lies in my bed waiting, I will wake him                                         now. I go through getting him breakfast, getting him changed, make his school lunch and Friday’s we double                                   check any homework. If my daughter wakes up I change her out of her diaper and put on her super undies                                     and get her breakfast too. I grab lunch made by my mom or make it myself.
7:35-8am             Head out the door. Drop off my son and start the drive to work.
8:30-5:30pm       Regular office work. Fit in groceries at lunch or after work once a week.
6:00 pm               Get home.
6:00-6:45pm       Cook 2-3 times a week. The others eat out or pick up something on the way home. Put any clothes to wash                                    Tuesday or Wednesday. The next load will be done Saturday.
7:00-8:00pm       Play or go out with the kids for a walk, Disney, etc.
8:00-8:30pm       Read 1-3 books to each kiddo. Brush their teeth, get them water. The hubby and usually alternate here.
8:30-10:00pm     Bedtime. This is the most dreaded part of the day and frustrating for me. My daughter seems to want to cling                                to me more as she gets older. She wants me to literally carry her to sleep. My son will vary now if we had a                                      long physical day he will be out in 1 minute if not he wants to talk. He will say he fell asleep and had a                                              nightmare and that he is trying to sleep while I am in the same room as him watching him bounce around the                                bed. I don’t know these tricks kids try to pull, even with your eyes on them. They are nuts and don’t know                                      what a fine thread they are walking with crazy mommy.
10:00pm-1am     At this time 99.9% of the time they are asleep. Then I wash any dishes, prep my clothes, fold clothes sit down                                 and open my laptop. I spend the first 30 minutes kind of getting ready, toggling between my email, my blog                                     and Netflix. I will typically write a draft for my site, catch up on comments, post on facebook and work on my                                 posts for the other sites I work on . The latest I will sleep is 1 a.m. to start again the next day’s struggles.
             As you can see from my post even now with a full time job that is less stressful, time is scarce and what you  really need to focus on growing your blog. I sleep around 6 hours on a typical day. If we had a hard physical day I will crash around 10:30 p.m. Due to my schedule even when I am sleepy it is sometimes hard to sleep. My mom has the same trouble since she used to run her own business with my dad for about 20 years and worked from 6am to 11pm. Now years later she has a hard time sleeping early. Making the time to blog is not easy but it sure is fun. I look forward to looking back at this blog and things I have done as a parent, what I have learned, the community that will build up from this blog and freebies of course. Stopping this blog now would be kind of boring for me I think. So it is worth it to me to write down my thoughts, memories and all kinds of adventures. If you are thinking about blogging think about this sample of how much time it takes and see how it would work for you. Share your stories if you blog and how you do it. 

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  1. Yes, motherhood plus anything equals chaos! I blog too, I think it’s quite therapeutic 🙂

    1. yes, it is. I hate that it costs me some sleeping time though when I get cranky lol glad the weekend is coming up. Love your blog too btw 🙂

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