Quarterly Update #3 2017

By Libby Vasquez

  1. Lose 10 lbs. (10%)

    (My main goal is really 18-23lbs but I figure this is doable in one year with kids and all the problems that come up as a parent. ) – I have struggled with this as I started at 146 almost 147 pounds and moved at my highest to 150. Now I am at 145 and my lowest was two weeks ago at 143.9. I will push to go down more as this quarter was pretty good, we have eaten out less than usual. Realistically I am only 10% into completing this goal. My mom, sister and I have been supporting each other to eat better, come up with good workout programs and just stopping each other from snacking on baaad foods.

  2. Take one road trip with the kids. (Done!!!)

    We went to Meteor Crater in Arizona, went to our annual Laughlin, AZ trip with friends and have a trip planned for December to Boston. It will be the kids first time flying, hoping it goes well. I need to read up on ways, tips to make this the best experience for them and be stress-free for myself and the hubby. Any tips please comment below as I will be most appreciative. Once we are there it will be no problem as my kiddos love hotels.

  3.  Take one domestic flight trip with the kiddos. (0%)

    Currently at 0% but again this will be done in December maybe even November if all things align well with my new job, my husband’s new job and my son’s school schedule. We are planning to go to Boston for 3 to 5 days, visit MIT with the kids during a tour day and eat lobster of course.

  4. A deep cleaning of all documents, taxes, real estate documents, etc. – (25%)

    This has been ongoing as we are in a legal battle causing me to go through documents, pull them out, provide copies, and then going back to reorganize. We should be done with this legal battle in November and my organization can be finalized then. I will provide an update on this in November and as to why Title Insurance is a must when buying a house. I am looking at organizational products to put things in based on what I finally keep. I also keep getting school items from my son and want to keep everything but of course can’t without becoming a full time hoarder.

  5. Growing this blog, book a few posts in advance – (60%)

    I have grown my IG and FB presence. I am now working on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as pitching like crazy daily for reviews and giveaways. This is hard as I love writing and can jot down articles I want to write, research, etc. but the other parts are a hurdle for me mentally.

  6. Learn how to sew from beginner to intermediate. (75%)

    I am doing so much better. I have worked with My Sewing Roots on sewing projects that have honed my skills. We are rallying for another project that may be my toughest yet, working with Tulle.

  7. Find a new job – 100%

    This came sooner rather than later as I was laid off unexpectedly and I accepted a job. Let’s see how I like it, how I fit into this company and how working again at an office versus telecommuting goes for me and my home. I wasn’t really stressed about this financially and have to be far pickier now as I have to drop off my kid, don’t want to deal with the Los Angeles commute and want to still be in management.

  8. Strive to have a date night every other month. (67%)

    In 2016 we did one every 4 or 5 months but in December we went out alone for company parties, concerts, etc 4-5 times. I’d like to pace myself more this year. We have been working on this. We went to Vegas for a George Lopez concerts for 3 days, San Diego for a comedy show. So 2 out of 3 this month is pretty good, although that long weekend should count as more right? lol. 

  9. Take one mommy & me class with my daughter. – (Done!!!)

    We did a mommy and me motor skills class. It was fun to have that one on one interaction with her and I do feel we really bonded.

  10. Start a date night a month with my son. (0%)

    He is going on 4 and I feel this would help keep our relationship strong as he gets older with a strong basis early on. I haven’t done this yet but partially because he always wants to have his sister and dad along. I try but he likes to always go in a group. His loss, lol. 

  11. Visit family more, help them more, babysitting, money, etc. – 75% Doing Great!

    I have been keeping in touch with my brother since he is 5 miles away. He has 3 kids at different ages so sometimes our schedules conflict, but we have both been trying hard to have dinners, play dates or baby sitting for parent date nights. I paid my dad’s cell phone last month and plan on making this an every other month occurrence. I have also been hanging out with my sister in law and her kiddos more thanks to our awesome Disney passes and hanging out 2-3 times a week there. Thanks to my layoff I also hung out with my mom daily, chatted, lunched and just plain hung around.

  12. Learn something new. – (Done!!!)

    I learned how to do braided headbands and how to make some cute hair bows. My daughter enjoyed putting on the headbands and having me take pictures of her.

    I am planning on my goals for next year. I hope to have them be focused on parenting, my relationship, myself and my blog. Let me know how you are doing with your goals. Remember it is never to late to accomplish even part of your goals. Just get going!

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