6 Fun Halloween Board Books for Babies

by Libby Vasquez

As you may or may not have noticed, I love books. As I have two little ones I have learned to find books that will engage them at their different ages. Sometimes board books make great presents when they are still under 3 as they are not yet careful at that age. They are also sturdy and easy for little children hands to flip the pages. These are also great for kiddos that are a bit older as it may have a sentimental message or value for them.

Below is a great list compiled for what would appeal to my children, nephew or any child under the age of 3. These books also have great and different characters, are easy for parents to read, simple for a baby or young toddler to understand and short enough to hold their attention. Let us know if you have any others that should make our list or our evening pile as I can never get enough books and neither will my kiddos.

  1. Happy Halloween Daniel Tiger!

This is a great flip the flap book. Each character dresses up and Katerina even changes multiple times. My almost 2-year old loves it. She even wanted to take her Daniel book to bed for two weeks straight. It is simple but fun for smaller children and not so basic that it seems a waste of money.

  1. Halloween Heroes! (Paw Patrol)

This is a bit more complex but still simple for 3 to 5 year-olds. All the characters dress up. The Paw Patrol has an awesome and clever mystery to solve all in costume and has a fun, quirky ending.

  1. Llama Llama Trick or Treat

Llama Llama is a great character and my nephew’s favorite. The reading is a bit simpler and short for 1 to 2 year old’s attention span and a bit rhymey. It is very cute though and has great, colorful images.

  1. Where is Baby Pumpkin? by Karen Katz

If your child is into baby books. This is a must. I have not found one Karen Katz baby book she has not liked. She is just so cute and they have such varied themes, from New Year’s to Halloween, Counting and more.

  1. It’s a Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

Mouse is another great character, cute and furry that appeals to children. Mouse is always funny and the storylines’ are simple but clever. Mouse is so friendly and kind.

  1. Little Vampire’s Smile by Rosa Von Feder

This is a story about the cutest little vampire losing his tooth. The illustration of this vampire alone is fantastic. The story line is pleasurable for parent and child. This one is a bit chunkier in texture than the other hardcovers but it makes it sturdier for little hands and will last for generations to come.

Enjoy these themed books with your little ones. Let us know which turned out to be their favorite.



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