Sewing Challenge #3 One Hour Skirt Review

by Libby Vasquez

We once again partnered with My Sewing Roots for another sewing challenge. We skipped a week due to the holiday and my trip to Laughlin, Arizona and Meteor Crater. We used a book last week, Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara, instead of a YouTube video. We went with a simple one hour skirt as it had five simple steps. This book is filled with great ideas plush toys, skirts, dresses that require very little time and knowledge. I think my mistake was in not fitting throughout the process, but the ease of these steps is awesome.

The steps were very easy to follow. The skirt in this example was cotton while I chose a material I had on hand that I thought would look great for its shimmer. I used a polyester, rayon blend with a minimal stretch. I cut the material as instructed and elastic. I had a bit of an issue with my sewing machine but I found it was solved once I did a bit of maintenance. Sewing after removing all those clumps of fuzz sewing went much better. I easily folded back the elastic casing and once I got sewing it was an easy journey. I was able to do the casing in less than 15 minutes.

I then went ahead and did the hem stitching. I went back and sewed a quick stitch for the elastic where the fabrics met up. I then tried on the skirt but it was a bit big. As you can see below it was a few fingers too big. I measured everything correctly and did the stitching at the directed measurements too. I measured the elastic as well and cut down an additional bit as directed so I am not sure why it fit that loose. I have to go back this weekend and remove the stitching where the I secured the elastic on each end and cut it down another inch or two to fit correctly.

Overall it was easy to follow. The only thing was my carelessness to at least try on the skirt before I stitched up the elastic and closed the encasing. I feel so foolish. It would’ve taken me 15 seconds to check but will be a headache to undo all those stitches. It took overall maybe an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes minus my sewing machine mishaps of course but that was all poor maintenance on my part. I would suggest working with cotton for this for an even easier and shorter project. Next time I am using the same time of material as what is being used in the example, no drifting at all. It was a great project. I am sure once I can undo those stitches, this skirt will be sure to knock your socks off!

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