My BlueHost Horror Story

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This is my first post written post on SiteGround hosting, posting a few days later. They have been very cool and easy compared to Bluehost. I have found using them is much easier, and their customer service has been great. I will say Bluehost is rated well for its tech support availability and great deals but I would avoid them if I could.  Siteground also offers chat support, email, phone, etc. They also have better speed than other sites, which is great because no one likes a slow site and we are millennials with little to no patience for lagging sites. Their price was also lower and rather than go with one year as I did with Bluehost I jumped in all 3 years. I also asked around my blogging buddies to see their thoughts and many steered me towards SiteGround. I don’t know if part of my bad experience with Bluehost was their recent migration with Weebly but they soured my experience at the end where I just wanted to run away from them as fast as possible. In the year I had them I never thought of using them for affiliate income because I just wasn’t convinced by them.

At first things seemed awesome when I started in August 2016! I will admit I used Weebly but in hindsight I should’ve just gone with WordPress but that is another story for another time. I rarely used BlueHost the first 3 months as I was getting my s*** together.  But when I started to really use it in November I ran into trouble when my site pictures would show broken links and I would have to contact support to correct this. I mean what kind of site has broken links right? Each time they set me right back up within minutes and though I asked what the issue was they never really had an answer. I wanted to know if I was doing something incorrectly, if there was a virus I needed to get rid of, etc. One time they told me the site wasn’t published. Which doesn’t make sense because how was the post up on my site if it had not been published? Both pictures and text go together one doesn’t go without the other. This happened at least 6 times during my year with Bluehost.

Then they went into migration mode from March through about June of 2017 to update Weebly to what Weebly users had up through 2016. They stated the migration would cause delays for a week at most when the whole system was updating per their dashboard announcement but the process for months prior and in June were stop and go at best. I complained and shared with my readers on my blog, when I was finally able to get on and post something. I complained to tech support and sent a request for a refund or credit for the time lost, lost following and frustration but was ignored. Then when I was going to renew and I ran into another issue I again mentioned this and was given one month additional which I will admit pacified me for a bit as it gave me one month to shop around, ask blogging friends for a new host recommendation. That is how I made the decision to go with SiteGround and started my transfer process.

This part seemed easy I set up my SiteGround account without a problem. They started transferring my site over which would take a day or two but my site was still up. I redirected things over and things seemed fine. They advised me I could cancel my account with my old provider and everything was still 100% up on my site as of August 20th. I cancelled my account with Bluehost and that evening poof!! My site was gone ½ gone. Somehow my About Me, Disclaimers and Home page where there but my blog content looked like it did back in April, theme and posts included. Somehow the current blog portion of the files was gone. I reached out to Bluehost as the transferred file was missing that portion and they told me I could get it only if I restarted my account. Grudgingly I did so. They told me they had the backup and my site would be up in 4-12 hours. When that didn’t happen I reached out again. They looked and looked and could not find my blog content at all. They said it was deleted a month ago, see below. Although, my site had been fine until the day I cancelled and was transferring out of their bad service. How was it possible for that file to be gone for one and two how was it gone a month ago and my site was up 2 days prior.

As you can imagine I was crushed, defeated and so angry! I asked them to cancel and it took me one whole day from 5am to 2pm, 3 techs to close my account. I requested a refund for my account since they deleted the file, they said no. I said fine refund me the restart time they said no it would be prorated. I asked for a Supervisor each time and was told that this was a system mandated process and couldn’t manually be done, see above. I find that hard to believe. I was GLAD to finally cut ties with their shady system and leave them for SiteGround. I will now have backups done weekly to avoid this. I had word backups of some of my posts but am missing 2-3 months in between when I wasn’t paying attention. It saddens me that they couldn’t help me, that they lied to me and wouldn’t as a courtesy reimburse me for the frustrating experience. I now have to manually work on my Word backups to slowly put them up on this host.

SiteGround is further having a sale through 9/11/17 for a total of 70% off. Unlike BlueHost, I highly recommend this. You will pay yourself back with affiliate income and Google Adsense within a couple of months. Totally worth the cost and frustration-free.



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  1. I’m using 1&1 and to be honest the rates are quite cheap, I paid £16 for 2 years x

    1. Hadn’t heard of that one. I will definitely check it out. Thank you

  2. Oh no! I’m a bit apprehensive now, as I’ve just moved to Bluehost (with! So far so good, but hoping it doesn’t turn into the kind of experience you had, as I signed up for the 5 year deal!

    1. I pray not! I would not wish that nightmare on anyone. Did you go with weebly or wordpress?

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