Sewing Challenge #2 – Knit & Lace Tank

By Libby Vasquez

This week we partnered with Diana at My Sewing Roots blog for another Youtube easy DIY project review. This week we used the awesome video tutorial from Comicat Creations titled How to Sew a Top w/lace & Knit YouTube Tutorial. The video is one of my faves on her channel. I love how she makes things simple, shows you how to fix any mistakes in measuring and her easy manner. We will definitely be checking out more of her videos for our future sewing challenges.

First off we went to downtown LA to find our fabric. I used a nice polka dotted knit and brown flowery lace material. I got 1 yard of each for $1 each. Yup. I will write up a review of my favorite spots to shop in downtown Los Angeles if you live in the area or visit some time. I used my favorite tank I use around the house but wanted that shape for this material as it would look a look nicer than my Wonder Woman logo currently. This shirt I could see wearing with a cardigan and nice black skirt or pants. Pick colors that will compliment each other well. Both mine were brown just tad shades different.

I made my tank pattern wider and longer as I didn’t want such a snug fit for work. The cutting part was very easy for the knit. I then used the knit sample to cut the sheer material. I should have known then it would be a bit tricky to work with. It is extremely delicate so you have to cut the material carefully or the lace will begin to fray at the ends and will make it harder to double fold the edges for our hem. We then pinned both knit and lace patterns to each other facing each other. I sewed with the shoulders and sides with a zig zag stitch but accidentally got delayed when I moved the stitch to a straight stitch and had to carefully remove the stitches without messing up the lace and then correctly sew it with a zig zag stretch stitch.





















I then went through the hassle of double folding and creating the trimmed bottom, sleeves and neckline. This does take a bit longer but I did do like Monika suggested in her video and just did a small portion to use as a guide and continued the rest while sewing instead of doing it completely and pinning and then going to back to the sewing machine.

I loved the final result, super cute! I think it was a bit tighter than I had anticipated because of the width of my double folds on the sleeves so you can see a bit of my undershirt towards the bottom of the holes but nothing I can’t correct with a bottom under shirt or carefully matching under clothes. Overall I thought it was super easy, I love Monika’s easy instructions and attention to detail when filming her videos. Definitely a great, easy video for a first time or newbie sewer.


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    1. Thank you! Let me know anything else you would be interested in checking out. 🙂

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